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Don’t Get Angry, Don’t Shoot The Messenger, Just Take Your Pill And Your Lesson

online anger management courses

And so you are. You are really angry and frustrated at this time. There are reasons for this, and you have a list as long as your arm. That is what you told the judge the last time you were in his courtroom and that is the story you are sticking with for now. Just see how far that will get you. Do not shoot the messenger, this story is all very true. It is happening to a lot of folks these days, folks you would not normally expect such ‘radiant’ behavior from.

Anything from arguing with the cashier at the checkout counter, upsetting her applecart and making her cry, to the ominous specter of road rage, leaving a victim on the side of the road with a blue eye or swollen temple. Grin and bear with the judge’s call for you to register up for your online anger management courses. Just take your pill, swallow your pride and get on with the lesson. Be a man, or man up as your superiors may have said to you before.

Or if this applies to you, be a lady and let the gentleman usher you through. He is not being chivalrous, and he is doing the right thing. He would have done it to any other girl, or man, and certainly to the old folks. Ditch your cynicism and suspicions on your surroundings and accept the fact that it is you who needs addressing. The world does not revolve around you, that much is just not going to change.

But you can learn to be a co-operative person. Get to see the world through a new pair of eyes. You will be happier for it.