The Best MRI Alternative

Not everyone is in the same situation when it comes to using medical machines such as MRIs. The average person who is heading to the doctor may think nothing of being told they have to get into an MRI machine for testing. They will go through the machine and follow the instructions of the tech who is operating the machine. But not everyone is so lucky.

Feeling Claustrophobic

The biggest issue that many people experience with a regular MRI machine is the feeling of claustrophobia. These machines are so narrow that it can feel as though you are trapped, especially if you are in there for some time. It is why some are always seeking a proper alternative to the MRI machine.

Inability to Lie Down

There are also those who may not be able to lie down for an extended period because they have severe back pain or a related injury. These individuals also need another option, as they are not able to stay perfectly still while lying down for a few minutes at a time.

Open MRI Machine

The good news is that digital x-ray imaging can be done through an open MRI machine. These machines have the same basic functionality as a regular MRI machine. The only difference is that it is a more open space where a person is not going to feel claustrophobic. And the machine can be used while a person is standing up. It means that people who are unable to lie down in a straight position for several minutes will find the open MRI a much better option.

digital x-ray imaging

The best thing that prospective patients can do is research the open MRI locations in their city. They will be able to see what centers are offering the open MRI as an alternative to a regular MRI machine.

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